Pro-Trainer software is your dream tool with a complete range of features including digital video capture at up to 1200 frames-per-second*, slow-motion playback, freeze-frame analysis and extensive graphics tools for preparing lessons. Our Advanced version offers the additional power of simultaneous video capture from two or more cameras plus speed keys and a hand-held remote control designed for the professional user.

Key advantages of Pro Trainer:

  • Analyze the key performance indicators of the player(s).
  • In-depth data & video feeds of the opponents
  • Easy sharing of video and key data with the players
  • Reports can be modified in order to suit the user’s needs.
  • Save the videos for editing and post match analysis.

Pro Trainer kit includes:

  • Lightweight Netbook equipped with the Pixel Qi Adaptive Screen which consumes 80% less power in reflective mode.
  • Digital camera – up to 1/2000 shutter speed and wide angle lens
  • Videos recorded at 60 frames per second for clear, slow motion playback
  • SMI Pro-trainer Standard Version Video Analysis Software – two computer version
  • 8 GB memory card with Wi-Fi transfer capabilities.
  • Compact tripod with mini-FasTra™
  • Padded combo backpack holds everything

The Ultimate in Motion Analysis:

  • Brightest screen in brightest sunlight—great for outdoor use.
  • Indoor & outdoor use (Sunlight readable)
  • Portable system—easy to take where you need to
  • Immediate wireless transfer of videos
  • High quality videos
  • Fast file transfer for visual demonstration
  • Load software onto additional computer to create analysis
  • Slow motion playback
  • Various drawing tool
  • Side by side video comparisons