iField is a specially designed scientific solution for monitoring the fielders and the overall fielding performance of a team. It is a one-stop shop for all fielding needs. This software gives a never-before-seen data about the fielders. It includes basic parameters such as balls fielded cleanly to in-depth parameters, which determines the overall efficiency of the fielder.

iField – reports

  • Overall positioning of the player in the field
  • Fielder Wagon wheels
  • Player assessment parameter such as strike rate etc
  • Separate assessment parameters for Wicket keeper, infielders and outfielders
  • Over-wise field position graph (over-range can be defined)

Interactive Reporting

Reports can be seen in an interactive fashion in forms of graphs etc. The software immensely helps the coaches in judging the strengths and weaknesses of the fielders and corrects them in practice sessions.The software can also be coupled with its parent software (ICricket) in order to view the videos.