Corner kick is a football match analysis solution to empower the team analyst/coach in monitoring player movements like every kick, every pass and every touch in real time. As we know, its impossible for a coach standing on the by-line to monitor these many things happening around the field in 90 minutes and reflect on it later.
Corner kick captures these effortlessly. Later the coach can view the reports (like successful dribbles, unsuccessful dribbles, short pass accuracy, long pass accuracy, passes in the final third etc.) & its corresponding videos with minimal delay.
We have worked with some of the I-League teams and got glowing recommendations. Every single point in the field has got a video link which makes viewing very easy.

Key Advantages of Corner Kick

  • Time Tracker calculates the time taken by the football travelled from one point to another point in seconds.
  • Distance Tracker tells the user about the distance covered by the player in the entire game or the half.
  • In-depth one page report which gives the coach everything he wishes for.